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We purchased 3 different types (totaling 16 in all) of Kawaii Baby diapers to replace our medium Fuzzi Bunz stash, which won’t make it through baby #4.  I received them a couple of days ago and so I thought I’d start with the reviews on two of types we got and show you pics of my littlest man sporting his new diaper duds!   I’m only writing reviews to benefit anyone out there considering these diapers.  I have no vested interest in posting this information — just want to share with anyone who is interested.  Be sure though to check out the site http://www.theluvyourbaby.com to see detailed pics of the insides of the diapers, as well as the colors available, etc.

I’ll review the third type of diaper we purchased — the ‘heavy wetter’ overnight dipe — soon, after I can get some pics of Bode in them!

Review for the square cross-over tab and minky diapers:

Bode is wearing one of each of these diapers (below) on the second snap rise setting (medium) and has one microfiber insert inside.

[svgallery name=”kawaii_diapers”]

*  Overall, these diapers are made with high-quality materials and are well-constructed.  The outer waterproof material of the cross-over square tab dipe is a little heavier/thicker than my fuzzi bunz and actually very soft to the touch.  The outer minky waterproof fabric is SUPER silky soft on the outside  (just like a minky blanket) and both types of diapers have very soft fleece on the inside.  I will have to do a follow-up review in the future after the diapers have been washed several times to report on whether it pills or not.  🙂

* They are pocket diapers (my favorite because they allow you to use the right amount of absorbency for your baby!) with the pocket opening in the back.  There is a flap of fleece in the back (inside) which goes over the insert, making sure the insert never “pokes out” or touches the baby’s back.

* The snap placement on the square tab diapers allow for a great, snug fit without pinching into baby’s thigh’s.   They have an additional snap at the hips, which helps keep the extra fabric in place underneath the tab.

* I like the fact that the velcro tabs are encased in fabric on the minky diaper, which I have found helps them to last longer.  In general, I definitely prefer snaps to velcro, but I really wanted the minky cow print, so I conceded on this point!

* The [encased] elastic is strong, but does not create marks on the legs or waist.

* It is a fairly trim diaper, considering it is a “one-size” adjustable diaper.  My sized FB’s are only slightly more trim, but do not have the added feature of adjusting the size.

* Each diaper comes with TWO 3-layer microfiber inserts that are very absorbant.

* I love the fact that initially you only have to wash/dry these diapers once before they are ready to go.  She asks that you wash the diapers inside out the first time.

Overall… I’m loving these diapers!  We haven’t had any leaks yet – even overnight!  You can’t do better than these, especially for the minimal cost!  You can’t beat paying $116 for 16 diapers (and free shipping for packages of 10 or more diapers)!

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