Not So Little {and a new site design}!

Our littlest guy recently turned SIX and I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around that!  Such a big boy now — and fiercely taking on the world!  With his intelligence, take-charge attitude, and passionate heart, he has definitely added at-ti-tude and a fiery spark to our family!  And of course, we wouldn’t trade him for the world. 🙂

We decided to spend his birthday morning on the beach!  We had a blast letting the kids get in an early morning swim… enjoying the early rising sun and mostly-vacant sand. 🙂  Instead of doing a separate ‘birthday shoot’ (like I normally do for the kiddos), I just brought the camera (and a balloon, of course…doesn’t everyone bring one to the beach??) so we could document his migration to SIX!  Enjoy a few pics of the birthday boy!


Oh, and P.S. — I thought it was time to revamp our personal site a little!  Hope you enjoy the cleaner, simpler format as much as I do!  Had to go a little more ‘tropical’ too to reflect our new life at the beach! XO 😘  —>

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