Goodbye Cereal! : Soaked Oat Pancakes [free printable recipe]

Cereal is one of those things that seems to be a staple in American breakfast food.  It’s quick, easy and tasty.  Unfortunately, even “healthy” cereals are highly processed, over-heated grains, sugars and oils that don’t provide much *real* nutrition to start your day.   And after spending serious $$ on fixing our girls’ teeth (despite eating an otherwise-healthy diet), I knew we needed to make some changes.  To start gaining insight into how un-soaked, whole grains can contribute to tooth decay, click HERE or HERE.  You will also find that soaking the grains definitely improves your digestion of them!

So for the past several months we have been on a journey to improve our health even more.  Billy and I consistently eat organic/high omega eggs for breakfast, but the kids aren’t huge fans.  So, the first monster that we had to defeat was the cereal monster.   Through online research and trial-and-error, we’re getting closer and closer to having highly nutritious (and tasty) breakfasts around here!  There are a few new staples in our breakfast line-up.

The first one I’m sharing is a delicious, gluten-free, super nutritious pancake 🙂  Didn’t think it was possible?  I found this great recipe at for a soaked oatmeal pancake.  I made some adjustments (including up-ing the qty and adding flour to the soak, along with a few other things) and the kids are loving them!  To make it really easy on you, I’m including a free printable recipe card.  Download and print on some cardstock (make sure to print at 24% if you want it *exactly* 3×5 recipe card size!), trim and add to your collection~!  These are great served with butter and real maple syrup, honey or natural jelly (w/ no hfcs).  Pop left-overs into the toaster oven for a great snack or quick breakfast!

{ Tip:  Open the image up in your iPad for quick recipe reference instead of using a print-out! }

UPDATE 10-28-11:  I increased the leavening a bit …. extra 1/2 tsp. of baking powder made them even fluffier!

UPDATE 4-10-12:  Total of 2 tsp. of baking powder seems to be perfect 🙂  Added ground flax meal as a great optional add-in~!  Changes reflected in recipe ‘card’ below!  Also, I have found using my Blendtec in the morning to mix it up works fabulously!  Start with the eggs in the bottom, add the rest and put the baking powder in last (after it has already run smooth).




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